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Nanolab Protection Mask FFP3
  • Nanolab Protection Mask FFP3

    Revolutionary nanomaterial with up to 99% filtration efficiency against viruses and bacteria

    The material is based on a three-layer multilayer sandwich consisting of the following layers:

         PP spunbond / meltblown - cover layer, soft touch, certified for skin contact, captures large particles to prevent damage to the nanostratum, extending the filtration efficiency of the nanostratum.
         The nanolayer made of PVDF polymer ensures high efficiency against various microorganisms. This solution consists of fibers ranging from 50 nm, which is 1000 times less than the thickness of a human hair.
         PP spunbond - cover layer.

    PP-based materials are extremely hydrophobic, reducing the rate of penetration of microorganisms.


        98-99% Bacteria
        99.9% Viruses
        99% Allergens
        99% Particles Powder P1
        100% PM2, 5 and 10 Dust Particles


    Available in 4 sizes

    Package of 10 pieces.

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